Province celebrates Rick Hansen Day by investing in accessibility

A new grant to the Rick Hansen Foundation will support its work to make communities more accessible and inclusive, announced Premier John Horgan.

“Rick Hansen has been blazing a trail in support of people with disabilities in B.C., across the nation and around the globe, for over 30 years,” said Premier Horgan. “We are recognizing his efforts with a $10-million grant that will help his foundation continue its work to make communities more accessible and inclusive.”

The announcement of the grant for the Rick Hansen Foundation was made together with a proclamation of May 28, 2018, as Rick Hansen Day, in honour and recognition of his contributions to the province and the country. The day also marks the beginning of B.C.’s first AccessAbility Week.

“Our government is committed to making this province better for people living with disabilities,” said Shane Simpson, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction. “That’s why we are kicking off B.C.’s first ever AccessAbility Week by committing to work together with organizations like the Rick Hansen Foundation, to bring down barriers and improve accessibility in every part of the province.”

The $10-million grant will help the Rick Hansen Foundation further its existing programs, and push forward with new innovations. 

“I am grateful to the Province for their continued support and recognition of the foundation, and their commitment to bringing about positive change in the lives of people with disabilities,” said Hansen. “Creating the barrier-free B.C., Canada, and the world that we want — and everyone deserves — is more than possible. Premier Horgan’s leadership is helping pave the path forward.”

Since 1988, the Rick Hansen Foundation has raised awareness, changed attitudes and removed barriers for people with disabilities, as well as funding spinal cord injury research and care.

Quick Facts:

  • The Province has proclaimed May 27 to June 2, 2018, AccessAbility Week in B.C., to promote inclusion and accessibility, and recognize the efforts of individuals and organizations that actively remove barriers for people with disabilities in their communities.
  • More than 500,000 British Columbians ages 15 and older, or 15% of the population, self-identify as having a disability.
  • The population of people with disabilities is growing rapidly. One in seven Canadian adults have a disability, and as the population continues to age, this number is expected to grow to one in five by 2036. 
  • The provincial government provides up to $5 billion annually to fund services and supports that support people with disabilities in B.C.

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