Abbotsford mom stuck in Ghana with adopted son hospitalized after MS flare-up

An Abbotsford, B.C. mother who was been stuck in Ghana for months as she waits for the Canadian government to process the paperwork that would allow her and her newly adopted son to come home has been hospitalized after her multiple sclerosis flared up earlier this week.

Kim Moran posted to Facebook Tuesday saying she had “lost normal feeling in both of my feet and both of my hands” the day before.

“I fell asleep last night in tears, sobbing; literally crying out to God to take it all away,” she wrote. “As I lay alone in an apartment in West Africa, I was gripped by fear; ‘Is this is beginning of disability for me? What does this mean for me as a new parent? How am I supposed to get medical care if I can’t get back to Canada?’”

Kim and her husband, Clark, recently adopted a young boy named Ayo from Nigeria. The couple travelled to Ghana on Aug. 1 to process the last bit of paperwork before they could bring him back to B.C.

Their file has been complete for weeks, but they’re still waiting for Canadian officials to approve it.

Clark left the West African country in September, not thinking he’d be away from his family for very long. Kim and Ayo have been in Ghana ever since.

When they first spoke to CTV News in October, Kim and Clark said they believed they filled out all the paperwork correctly and were told the last phase of the adoption process would take no more than a week.

In early November, Kim said she’s received a response from the office of Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen saying it “gives priority treatment to applications for adopted children,” but that the ministry could not give her a timeline for when she and Ayo would be allowed back to Canada.

Clark said he’d spoken with a federal immigration spokesperson who told him this is a fairly typical case and adoptions can take time because of the many of checks and balances involve.

The family’s story has made headlines and sparked outcry online. As of Thursday afternoon, a petition calling on the federal government to act had garnered more than 8,800 signatures.

Kim posted a photo of herself in a hospital bed Thursday, saying she’d been admitted for “testing, treatment and observation.”

“I’ll keep you posted, but in the meantime say a little prayer for me,” she wrote, adding that Ayo is staying with friends.

It’s still unclear when Kim and her son will be able to return to B.C.

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