New 2019 Vancouver Bike Map highlights Triple AAA Network

The free 2019 Vancouver Bike Map is available during Bike to Work Week, Monday, May 27, to Sunday, June 2.


New 2019 City of Vancouver Bike Maps highlighting the all-ages-protected bike lanes will be handed out starting Monday during Bike to Work Week.

The city has printed 20,000 of the weather-resistant bike maps showing the latest changes to the bike network, said Dale Bracewell, manager of transportation for the City of Vancouver.

The map highlights what’s called the AAA Network: AAA stands for All Ages and Abilities and refers to a protected bike lane separated from motorized traffic by physical barriers such as planters or curbs. The AAA lanes are shown in yellow outlined in green on the maps.

One of the big additions to the AAA network since the last update a few years ago is on the Cambie Bridge.

“We made the switch in the last year on the Cambie Bridge,” Bracewell said. “Now one-way north bound is on the east side and one way south bound is on a protected bike lane on the other side. It has the kind of detail that matters for people in terms of understanding that part of our Triple AAA Network and how it connects to the seawall.”

One side of the map shows the biking network in the city core that stretches from the bikeway along Woodland Drive to the east; the stretch of bikeway along West 14th to the south; the protected bike lanes on the Coal Harbour Seawall and Alexander Street to the north; as well as the downtown core. It’s roughly the footprint of the Mobi Bike Share network.

On the other side, the map shows all the protected bike lanes, local street bikeways, painted bike lanes and shared-use lanes throughout the city and out to the University of B.C.

A new addition to the map is a section on Micro Mobility that uses a graphic to show where people can ride bicycles, E-bikes, mopeds and skateboards.

The bike maps are free. They’ll be handed out at the City of Vancouver Bike to Work stations.

Bike to Work Week, organized by HUB Cycling in Metro, starts Monday, May 27, and continues through to Sunday, June 2. Monday also marks the beginning of Bike to School Week. Saturday and Sunday, June 1 and 2, is Bike to Shop Week.

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