Best loo in the country is at a gas station, nods go to Vancouver businesses

The best porcelain throne in the country is located at a gas station in northern Alberta, according to an annual commode contest, and some local loos are also receiving bragging rights for their lavatories.

The washroom at Beaver Hill Shell in Lac La Biche offers a unique rest-stop unlike most gas stations, where people want to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Beaver Hill Shell goes the extra mile to put lavish details in its bathrooms: granite countertops, wood accents and saloon-style doors.

“It’s not often a public washroom turns out to be a highlight from your road trip, but we’re sure travelers from near and far will stop to see these award-winning facilities for themselves,” said Candice Raynford with Cintas Canada in a press release.

Each year, Cintas, a company that specializes in products like restroom supplies, holds a contest for the best bathroom in Canada and awards the winner $2,500.

While the Lac La Bische loo claimed the top spot, two Vancouver businesses were finalists in the restroom competition.


Laurence and Chico Café, named after designers Laurence Li and Chico Wang, placed third for its eye-catching wallpapers and themes.

The colourful café is an Instagram hot spot at every corner and the bathrooms are no exception.

One water closet is covered in whimsical rubber ducky illustrations, while the other is adorned with paper mâché flowers, offering an escape from reality.

Laurence and Chico

Bauhaus Restaurant is already known for its food, having been named one of Canada’s best 100 places to eat earlier this year, and now it’s also being recognized for its bathrooms.

The restaurant’s Berlin street art-inspired washrooms were commissioned by an art duo from Spain, Olliemoonsta, who used original graphic designs and graffiti to match the theme.

Bauhaus placed fifth in the contest.

Honourable mentions also go to Cosmos Café in Quebec City and Cluny Bistro in Toronto.

Bauhaus Restaurant

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