‘Make your entire family stand up when you go to use the washroom,’ and other YVR tips for those who miss flying

What do you miss most about flying? The tiny plastic cups? The lack of legroom? Waiting outside the bathroom door?

In a series of posts meant to make readers laugh, the Vancouver International Airport offered tips earlier this week to recreate the feeling of flying from your living room.

YVR posted what it described as “fun and easy activities” to do at home for those who miss travelling.

“With recreational air travel restricted, it’s important (to) try and find ways to still experience that exhilarating feeling of flying,” the airport posted earlier this week.

In a series of tweets, YVR highlighted some of the more mundane parts of travel.

Among the suggestions to recreate the experience: take a nap sitting up, drink diet soda from a tiny cup with two ice cubes, and make your entire family stand up to let you by when you use the washroom.


The airport’s series also nodded to people who clap when a plane lands, the scaled down snacks for sale on board, and the difference first class makes.

The airport acknowledged the posts were a joke, but that staff know many do miss flying.

“That feeling when the plane takes off, the excitement from knowing you’re going to be experiencing a new culture. There’s really nothing else like it,” the final post in the series read.

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