Tornado lifts trampoline from Saanich yard, drops it down the block

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The family’s back fence was damaged and some flower pots were destroyed.

Across the street, a motion-activated security camera mounted on Keith Harding’s garage captured footage of the tornado.

Harding was indoors when he looked out the window to see a large cloud touch down, prompting him to tell his children to go downstairs. He could see it sucking up dust and sand from the baseball park.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Lundquist said it is uncommon to see tornados like this in B.C., which are not like the stronger tornadoes seen at times in the Canadian Prairies. The weaker tornados are caused by weather patterns similar to those that cause funnel clouds over water.

This incident is a reminder to tie down anything that could be damaged or blow away in strong winds, Lundquist said.

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