‘Out of hand’ grad prank leaves school halls in a sticky mess — and students facing charges | CBC News

Police in Nelson, B.C., say a group of high school students could be facing criminal charges following a graduation prank late Sunday that caused thousands of dollars in damage — and left the interior of the area’s only high school a sprawling, sticky mess of foodstuffs, glitter and dye.

The prank inside L.V. Rogers Secondary School “got out of hand” late June 13, the Nelson Police Department said in a written statement Thursday, resulting in vandalism to two entire floors and the basement, including classrooms and the staff lounge.

Classes had to be cancelled on Monday due to the damage and it took about 40 parents, teachers and janitorial staff from across the district the entire day to clean up, according to Staff Sgt. Brian Weber.

“Upwards of quite a few dozen eggs, ketchup, mustard, shaving cream, glitter, food dye — those were the kind of things that were spread throughout two whole floors of the school,” Weber said Thursday.

Some of the students allegedly involved could now be facing criminal charges of break and enter and mischief over $5,000.

“That’s a pretty big dollar sign when you’re looking at young folks. You certainly don’t want to look to charges as your first option, but they are there as a possibility,” Weber said.

A washroom doused in what appears to be shaving cream. (Submitted by Nelson Police Department)

He said charges will depend on the outcome of what he called “very full, frank interviews” with about 20 students and their parents about what took place on Sunday. 

Four students were arrested and released, and charges are still being considered against some of those Weber called “instigators.”

“It’s always disappointing when we see wanton destruction,” he said.

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