‘They just saunter around’: Campbell River woman captures bears on home security camera

Consider it another version of the tale of the three bears, which plays out every night in a Campbell River, B.C., yard.

Kim-Dean Hansen says a mother black bear and her two cubs, named Yogi and Booboo by her grandson, reside in the forest alongside her home and come out each night, making appearances on her security cameras.

“They just saunter around and have a look and see if I’ve left anything out, which I make sure I do not,” Hansen says. “The mama bear, last week she stole an empty garbage can which was mine and I had to go traipsing through the forest to find it.”

Hansen says the visits began at the beginning of the fall and one camera in particular picks up most of the action.

“That’s my front camera and the bears come out of the bush, usually every night right there, and I check my camera every morning to see who’s come to visit,” she says.

The security camera normally classifies what it sees as persons or vehicles. In the bears’ case, Hansen says the camera labels them as pets.

“It says ‘pet’ every time and I go, ‘Good golly,'” she says.

Hansen has been posting videos of the visits on her Facebook page and says there was a mixed reaction at first.

“It’s like, ‘Oh, you should be calling conservation,’ and I’m like, ‘Not really, because I’m in their backyard and they’re harmless, they’re not doing anything, they’re just sauntering through looking for a snack and then they go back into the bush,'” Hansen says.

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