Conversations That Matter: B.C.’s vaccine rollout

The head of B.C.’s vaccine efforts discusses successes and plans for the future

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More than 21 months into COVID-19, we’ve gone from isolation as the only defence against dying from COVID, to having close to 90 per cent of teenagers and adults in B.C. vaccinated.

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The impact on people has been astonishing. With the majority of adults in B.C. having received two doses, it’s like we took a collective sigh of relief. People aren’t looking at one another anymore as if we could kill each other simply by breathing.

The province has begin delivering a third, booster shot. In the New Year, pharmacies will become the go-to location to get the jab.

Dr. Penny Ballem, executive lead of the B.C. immunization rollout team, says “the delivery of vaccinations in B.C. has been very successful.”

That may be an understatement when you consider that B.C. rolled out vaccinations differently than other placed. Mass injection sites not only sped up delivery, they also provided employment for many people who had lost their jobs and it provided revenue to venues that sat empty.

Stuart McNish invited Ballem to join him for a Conversation That Matters about how we got to now and where we’re going next.

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