227 B.C. chiropractors threaten to sue regulatory college if vaccines ordered

About 15 per cent of the province’s 1,389 chiropractors are warning they will sue regulatory college directors personally if they back a provincial COVID-9 vaccination mandate.

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A letter from 227 B.C. chiropractors threatens to sue the 17 board members of the College of Chiropractors of B.C. if they back a provincial order for chiropractors to get COVID-19 jabs.

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Chiropractors are not among the health-care workers in B.C. who fall under a vaccination order, but it is expected they will be in the future.

The 33-page “notice of liability” questions the safety and efficacy of vaccinations and warns board members face “exposure to personal legal liability” if they try to enforce a vaccine order.

“Such persons will not be able to avoid personal liability by saying they were simply following the mandates under a provincial health order,” the letter warns. “We strongly urge you to oppose such a mandate.”

The letter is from about 15 per cent of the province’s 1,389 chiropractors.

The letter alleges health orders “based upon the premise that ‘unvaccinated’ are a health hazard are without merit” and says there is no scientific data showing injections are safe or effective.

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The letter from the chiropractors says the vaccine is “still experimental,” and the B.C. Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights prevents “discrimination on the basis of physical disability” and individuals can’t be mandated to take an “experimental vaccine as a condition of our licence to practise.” Coercing employees to take the COVID vaccine to keep their jobs also violates Canadian criminal law, including by committing assault, uttering threats, extortion and intimidation, as well as international law, the letter states.

At a recent annual general meeting of the college, 173 of the 261 present voted to oppose mandatory vaccination for B.C. chiropractors.

The B.C. Chiropractors Association, a voluntary group that represents 85 per cent of chiropractors, said after the meeting it was “disappointed and appalled at the misrepresentation of facts concerning the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine.” Executive director Angie Knott said the college vote did not represent the majority of chiropractors.

“We believe that the anti-vaccine resolution reflects the views of the chiropractors who attended the meeting and not the majority of chiropractors,” the Health Ministry spokesman said.

Postmedia sent emails to 20 chiropractors who signed the letter and got one reply, from Dr. Cameron Grant: “No thanks. I have no respect for you or your slanderous manipulation of the facts.”

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