Conversation That Matters: The promise of designer medicine

Pharmacogenetic testing looks at a patient’s genes to help guide decisions on types and dosages of medications. But how do we put the power of this testing in the hands of doctors?

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Finding the best treatment for a patient can involve many things and pharmacogenetic testing is one newer tool in the development of personalized medicine.

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But, “it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how to incorporate the results of these tests into care,” says GenXys CEO Karl Pringle. Ever since the human genome was sequenced, the concept of precision or designer medicine has been a dream.

Is now its time and can Vancouver based GenXys be a part of the solution?

Pharmacogenetic testing identifies the role an individual’s genes play in metabolizing and processing medication. When it comes to medication, giving people the right dose of the right medication at the right time has been complicated, sometimes not much better than trial-and-error.

The challenge is incorporating pharmacogenetic testing into day-to-day care and making sure the information it provides is available to medical professionals.

Stuart McNish invited Karl Pringle the CEO of GenXys Health Care Systems to join him for a Conversation that Matters about the promise of designer medication and when it might just arrive in your doctor’s office.

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