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Right mindset the key to pushing past physical disabilities, Paralympian says | CBC News

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The journey to becoming a top Paralympic swimmer started when Stephanie Dixon saw herself in someone she admired. 

Dixon was born with one leg and wore a prosthetic. As a child, she struggled to identify with people in positions of power or influence. But there was one day each year where anything felt possible.

“On the Terry Fox run every September, I was the cool kid who ran just like Terry Fox,” she told CBC’s The Early Edition. 

“As a child with a disability it was hard to feel cool and like I fit in. So on that one day every single year, I got to be just like my hero, Terry Fox.”

The 19-time Paralympic medallist is Canada’s chef de mission for the 2020 Paralympic Games. She is also a health and wellness coach for the third season of Mind Set Go, a documentary series that shows the journey of how Canadians living with disabilities, injuries or chronic pain reach their goals for a healthier future.

As a Paralympian, she’s become a role model for the show’s participants, showing them how much they can accomplish with the right mindset. 

Stephanie Dixon won seven gold medals during her Paralympic swimming career. (Feng Li/Getty Images)

One participant acquired her disability later in life, after having two strokes. It changed her life dramatically, but she wanted to maintain her independence and be able to keep up with her grandkids. Dixon said it was inspiring to see her gain confidence throughout the course of the show. 

“There’s some physical challenges that they all face, but even more so than that was challenges in their mindset,” Dixon said.

“Things that were holding them back from just beliefs about ourselves and what we can accomplish.”

Dixon said she believes shows like Mind Set Go show just how much the human body can accomplish when people believe they are capable. 

“We all need role models, but most importantly role models that we identify with,” she said.

It’s also making Canada more inclusive and connected by helping viewers understand the challenges — and capabilities — of people with disabilities,” she added. 

She said she’s seen positive change within society throughout her lifetime in how people with disabilities are understood and accepted.

She said it is an honour to represent Canadian Paralympians this summer.

“We are becoming much more accessible physically, inclusive from an emotional and community standpoint,” she said.

“I do feel like a valued, appreciated, heard and seen member of society and I have a visible disability … we are making progress.”


Pushing for greener policies? Then give up free parking passes, Victoria city councillor urges colleagues

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Victoria city councillors need to put their green policy talk into practice and give up their free city parking passes, says Coun. Jeff Young.

Young is proposing changes to the parking privileges currently offered to Capital Regional District representatives, arguing that actions speak louder than words.  

“I’ve just been getting a little tired of what seems to me to be slightly sanctimonious or even hypocritical motions by the council, for example, decrying investment in fossil fuel firms,”  Young said.

“We do use automobiles. We need fuel, and for us to say we want to blame the fossil fuel companies for producing fuels seems seems a little odd.”

He pointed to the push to reduce emissions and resistance to projects like the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and number of tankers in B.C. waters as examples of simply talking the talk.

“If we are going to keep making these pronouncements, we should look look at to our own home first,” Young told Gregor Craigie, the host of CBC’s On The Island.

“When we say we don’t want to invest funds in fossil fuel companies, are we really saying we want them to stop producing gasoline?”

Not everyone can cycle to work, argues Coun.Charlayne Thornton-Joe. Others have proposed offering bus passes or other remuneration if the parking passes are removed. (Tina Lovgreen/CBC)

Concerns about accessibility

Young occasionally drives to work, himself, rather than cycling, he admits, and knows first-hand that having free parking at work is an incentive to hop in the car.

But not all members of council are able to cycle to work, countered Coun. Charlayne Thornton-Joe. Some may have health issues or drop children off at school along the way or have meetings in several different locations around the city.

“As councillors, we need to walk the talk,” she agreed. “But one of the things we have to make sure of is that … council is accessible to all.”

The parking permits are also part of a larger remuneration package for staff, which is why some councillors have proposed changing the parking passes for bus passes or higher wages instead, Thornton-Joe said.

She said she’s open to the idea but would need more information on how the changes would play out.

“Each and every one of us have different needs,” she said.

“[We need] a little bit more information on what does that entail.”

Council has requested a staff report on the financial implications of eliminating parking passes as part of a review of council remuneration

“I have no problem looking at the the reports,” she said.

“Councillor Young brings up larger issues of how councillors conduct themselves, the motions they bring forward and [whether they are] practicing that.”

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